How to Use an Inversion Table?

Inversion therapy has been in the world for a long time. But they caught the human eye properly just a few decades ago. Now, this therapy is used in a wide range of treatments and workouts. The inversion tables are one of the most common forms of inversion therapy.

They have mostly used for back pain related problems. They utilize gravity and create traction in the spine and pelvis, which take the pressure of compressed joints, discs, and nerves. They use decompression – a stretch that uses its body weight in combination with gravity to elongate the spine.

This way the back pain is relieved. The weight-bearing joints are decompressed by the same loads that compress them while upright. Thus each joint gets the perfect amount of relief.

How to Use an Inversion Table

Some certain rules and recommendations should be kept in mind while using the inversion table. 

1. Understand the limitations

Everybody is different. Each body has its own limitations. It is important to understand those before jumping in. inversion tables though a piece of mild workout equipment needs to be used properly. Or it can increase the pain instead of decreasing it. 

In an inversion table, you can lay supine and invert at incremental downward angles gradually. Blood pressure increases in an inverted position. So, people with high blood pressure and migraine or strokes should be careful. 

2. Keep the inversion table in a place that allows five feet of space all around 

Make sure to adjust the table according to your height so that you can get maximum effectiveness. An inversion table can be adjusted with a twistable knob. After adjusting make sure to tighten it. 

3. Start with low degrees

60 degrees is recommended. Too much angle too soon can make you dizzy or headache from the sudden rush of blood. Gradually increase the angle. 

4. Climb the table slowly

Secure your feet first. Slide on to the table after adjusting height and angle. Wearing shoes is recommended. Do a partial sit-up. Then lift the hands above the head and throw the weight back to cause the table to recline. Until you get it accurately, make sure you have supervision. 

Increase the duration and frequency of the sessions gradually. For the first time, stay less than five minutes. 

5. Chiropractors are spinal and back pain specialists

They are familiar with the dos and don’ts of inversion therapy more than anyone. So it is better to take advice from them regarding inversion therapy. If you have any physical condition then ask the chiropractor for a recommendation regarding frequency, duration, and angles.

Chiropractors use inversion therapy to add a type of manual therapy known as spinal adjustments. It is basically unjamming spinal joints and allowing them to move normally. You may require spinal adjustments or other therapy before being able to use an inversion table.

Inversion tables should be used with proper care. Or it can cause misalignments or pain in the body.

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